Cleveland Events: They’re baackk…

May 15th, 2012 Posted in Eco-friendly furnishings


You know they’re coming if you live close to Lake Erie.

Well, they’ve arrived. And I’ve already inhaled one while cutting the grass.

The midges returned last Thursday and were caught by the WEWS cameras as they hatched on the shores of Lake Erie. And, as far as events in Cleveland go, this isn’t exactly one of the more highly-anticipated ones.

Courtesy of WEWS

Funny, though, even though I am a life-long Clevelander, I thought that midges and Canadian soldiers were the same things. Turns out they are totally different. The midges in the Great Lakes region are known as Chironomidae. Thankfully, they are non-biting. 

A Canadian soldier, also known as a mayfly, is one of a very old group of pterygote insects; the Hexagenia species lives in the Lake Erie area. They also are very short-lived, usually not more than 24 hours.

With either one, there are two key things to remember: keep your mouth closed while outdoors and keep the lights off after dark if possible unless you enjoy vacuuming insect piles every morning!  Cleveland events don’t get much more both bothersome than the return of the midges (unless it’s the 2007 ALDS against the New York Yankees).

P.S. They go right through screens.

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