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Tulip Time

We’ve been blessed with many new tulip varieties this spring. Because we forgot to plant a few bags of bulbs last fall, we planted the bulbs into outdoor pots in January. They still bloomed!         We won’t discuss all of the bulbs that were eaten by the deer…!

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Antonia Reiner

Art is something that captures what is meaningful and otherwise elusive or inexpressible. I have always been inspired by transformations and dualities, by how fragility and resilience cohabitate, how absence can enrich presence, and how memory makes its imprint on the present.

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78th Street Studios

78th Street Studios is the largest art and design complex in Northeast Ohio, filled with close to 40 retail galleries, artist studios, design showrooms, and other creative spaces all under one roof. Primarily known as an attraction for fine art, 78th Street Studios has also been growing as an incubator for businesses in the fields of product design, publishing, music, fashion and special events.

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River Gallery

River Gallery is a white wall gallery and framing workshop on Old Detroit Road in Rocky River. Recently revitalized with a streetside make over by the city this is a charming, pedestrian and pet-friendly neighborhood of shops and galleries, with River Gallery and its neighbor Devout Home two of the longstanding local businesses on the block. Certainly one of the best kept secrets of the westside suburb of Rocky River.

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Jeffrey Dube

the site is under construction, but i offer custom metal pulls and handles for cabinets, custom wood carving, custom concert stamps and a variety of diverse talents for special projects

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