The Beautiful Bees

Mother Nature presented us with a wondrous event during the past few days.  We were privileged to witness the return of the honey bees. Their queen took up residence in a random arborvitae (thuja) shrub in our work parking lot. The resulting attendance of her protectors, thousands of drone and worker bees, produced an amazing…

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Gobble Gobble- Oops, wrong season

As seen last week in Olmsted Falls, the wild turkeys seem to feel pretty comfortable in the ‘burbs! We see deer daily, foxes occasionally, but never saw wild turkeys before. 

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The Feminine- in its many forms

Fall 2012 showcases several exhibitions in Cleveland devoted to the female. MS MISS MRS, 21st Century Expressions of the Second Sex opened at Ursuline College‘s Wasmer Gallery on August 25th, curated by Alenka Banco of Convivium 33 Gallery. MISS MS MRS spotlights works by well known female artists in the area. The metamorphosis of a…

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An Eye For Detail in Cleveland Attractions

Whose gargoyle is this? Where is this gargoyle located? The gargoyle resides on the exterior of Amasa Stone Chapel on the Case Western Reserve Campus. The building was built in 1882 and named for Amasa Stone, an industrialist who built railroads and invested in mills in Ohio. He was also a major benefactor of Western…

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An Eye for Detail

Beginning our biweekly series of beautiful details seen about town with three from one of downtown Cleveland’s gems. Can you guess where these details are from?    

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