di·aph·a·nous: Antonia Reiner 

Ms. Reiner’s new exhibition, Ghosts, is not what you may think. Yes, ghosts, but ghosts in the form of shimmering reflections, shadows seen for a moment and changing just as quickly. 1point618 gallery hosts Ghosts from April 14 to June 19, 2013 in their new Project Space, located in the beautiful, intimate lower gallery.

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Let It Snow!

Usually you either love it or hate it. If you live in Cleveland, you are frequently encountered by it. There is one thing you cannot deny, though. It is beautiful.   The winter of 2013 has been perfect for appreciating individual snowflakes. We believe it is due to the very cold temps. We’ll take the…

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Vaughn Wascovich: Bridging Cleveland

Sounds pretty straightforward, but with Vaughn Wascovich, what you see may not necessarily be what you get. Yes, he is a noted photographer, but the impact of his art results from breaking the rules or, as he describes it, “controlled chaos,” rather than doing things strictly by the book. The Youngstown area native has returned…

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Cleveland Print Room

The Cleveland Print Room is a non-profit community darkroom, educational center, studio workspace, and photographic gallery located in the Quadrangle arts district in the St. Clair/Superior neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. Housed on the first floor of the historic Art Craft Building, Cleveland Print Room offers a place to process 20th century emulsion-based film and analog photography collectively with others who share a passion for the photographic arts.

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The Mezzanine Gallery

Given the current economic state, we (Kate and Geoff Baker) made the counterintuitive decision to open a small art gallery in March, 2009. And though the timing may have been less than auspicious, we found there was still strong demand for high quality, unique and/or limited edition pieces that could be collected and enjoyed affordably. Our objective was not only to create a small gallery showcasing select local and national artists, but also to promote some of their techniques through a series of lectures and workshops. Instruction will be in photographic composition as well as PhotoShop editing and post processing. In addition to the educational component, we have established "ART-A-WAY", a program of extended terms for buyers and collectors.

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