A Beauty With Books: Cleveland Public Library

Cleveland Public Library is a fabulous library with a rich, deep collection of books and resources along with its architectural elegance.

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Ameritrust Rotunda Closeup

Yes, the Ameritrust Rotunda is every bit as beautiful as the reputation that precedes it.

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A Cleveland Treat: the Rockefeller Greenhouse

How many times have you driven down MLK Blvd., past the Rockefeller Greenhouse sign, and kept going right onto the freeway? Next time, make that turn and visit the Rockefeller Greenhouse, one of Cleveland’s treasures hidden in plain view. And it is yet another free activity available to us all.

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Grand Simplicity: St. Paul Shrine

Having recently attended a wedding at Saint Paul Shrine (officially known as the Church of the Conversion of St. Paul), we were suitably impressed by its intimate, humble beauty. Although St. Paul Shrine is rather petite in size (as churches go), its interior details are stunning.   A little bit of its history: the Church,…

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“Love” at Tiffany’s

What a great way to disguise the not-so-attractive construction phase of a build-out. This Danny Roberts mural…

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