Kips Bay Showhouse

May 25th, 2012 Posted in Artisan made goods, Furniture Design, Galleries/Museums/Exhibits, Home Accessories, Interior Design, Lighting, Painting/Decorative Arts

Just returned from visiting the 2012 Kips Bay Showhouse- lots to share with all of the Cleveland interior designers out there.

We wish Cleveland would return to the tradition of a Designer Showhouse!

Lacquered walls and ceilings continue to be “the” look. They are quite labor intensive and expensive, but definitely are gorgeous.

Can you already guess that green is the new neutral?

Look at this amazing sheen- and nary a brush mark.

Lacquered ceiling closeup

A dark lacquered wall and plenty of fabric in this modern / traditional bedroom by Alexa Hampton.

More sheen, but in the form of polished Venetian plaster applied by the talented Judy Mulligan. One would think that white polished VP would read cold, but the study was cozy and comfortable. Cleveland interior designers: notice the gold sculpture takes the place of an empty electrical outlet if the preference is for no overhead lighting- clever idea!

In this digital age, why not blow up a few photos of paintings?

Yes to chalkboard paint in the hall- you gain an ever changing “mural.”

Nice color combo… Grasscloth was in almost every room.

The lovely kitchen with a counter edged with phaleanopsis orchid blooms.

And last, but not least, the ceilings were almost always treated to something more than just white paint! Here the ceiling has been leafed with aluminum leaf; if real silver leaf had been used, it would have tarnished within days, even if topcoated.

It casts a soft glow and reflects the ambient lighting.

4,5,9  Photos by Alexa Stevenson

If you’re an interior designer in Cleveland, Ohio, this designer showhouse likely gave you some good ideas for the future. We’re especially fond of blowing up photos of paintings to adorn walls – what are you most interested in trying?

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  1. Omayra says:

    Absolutely gorgeous design. Thanks for sharing the pics!

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