The View From the Top: Terri P. Tufts

April 26th, 2012 Posted in Art, Galleries/Museums/Exhibits, Tremont

Standing on the side of a mountain, surrounded by the overwhelming sights, sounds and smells of Africa, can certainly change how one perceives life. And if you were a five foot two bundle of energy, these sensory experiences no doubt needed to be expressed. In this case, Terri P. Tufts allowed her great, grand adventure to burst forth via her artwork.

This Friday evening at 7 p.m., Terri will address her audience and take them on a little journey into her African experience, as seen in her engaging display entitled “Kilimanjaro Express.” Held at the Tremont gallery, Mastroianni Arts, Terri’s multi media paintings are an artists’ view of Mt. Kiliminjaro. Her theatrical painting skills and knowledge of paint and textures are reflected in the blue sky, the volcanic rock, the yellow grass and the geometrics of the great beasts of Africa, both prehistoric and alive.

This is the last weekend to view “Kiliminjaro Express.”

Visit Mastroianni Arts for more information on the exhibit.

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