Not Pulp Fiction

September 18th, 2012 Posted in Art, Artisan made goods, handmade paper, Sustainable Design, West Side

Start off with a plant called Kozo. Grow it, harvest it, peel it, pound it. And then you start to make your paper.

Cleveland’s (and the country’s) handmade paper making expert and founder of The Morgan (The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Education Foundation), Tom Balbo, now has a fascinating display at Cleveland Artists Foundation‘s Gallery in Lakewood’s Beck Center.

“Test Pattern Calm, 2006″
Flax, abaca, pigmented cotton


“Squaring the Circles, 2007″
Cast paper


“Future Fossil Assertion, 2007″
Cast paper

Not Pulp Fiction: Cast Paper and Pulp Painting by Tom Balbo will run through November 17, 2012. Also on display is the 5th Annual Abecedarium Exhibition of handmade books.

This week the Morgan is hosting Watermarks 2012, a 5-day international conference focused on the art of  handmade paper. Congratulations!

“Dried Flowers”
Gene Epstein

The Morgan Conservatory

1754 E. 47th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44103




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