Behind the Scenes with Earl James

June 20th, 2012 Posted in Art, Artisan made goods, East Side, Glass, Studio Space

The Glory Hole, a 1930’s grinder & polisher, slurries and shards- these are the everyday tools of the glass artist Earl O. James. Stepping into the second floor studio of the former paint factory that James shares with glass artists Linda Zmina and Michael Mikula, one can see that glass is his passion.

“The Glory Hole”

Born in Jamaica, reared in Rochester and a 1988 CIA graduate, James has spent the past twenty years perfecting the art of blowing glass. His striking pieces are known for their gorgeous colors and depth of patterns. While blowing each piece, he treats the glass as his canvas to convey ideas in form and color.

James travels the country, averaging 12-14 art shows a year and 70-some days on the road, to sell his pieces. Remarkably, his outlook on the necessity of constant travel is rather laid back. He views the shows as a way to see the country, visit with friends and sometimes to make money.

“Blowing” glass

2012 has been a year of reflection and growth for Earl James. He has taken the time to refocus on the materials he is using and is currently working on mixed media sculptures. Metals, glass, bronze- all are game. James said “After twenty years into it, it is time to think about taking sculpture into my second career.”

James’ upcoming art show is the Boston Mills Artfest (7-6 to 7-8-12). Earl James’ website is


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